Meet the Healthcare Disruptors

Healthcare Expert - Carlo Calcagni, RPh
Healthcare Expert - Kirsten York
Healthcare Expert - Bethanne Toci
Healthcare Expert - Yogesh Verma

We’ve Assembled the Industry's Top Talent to Solve Complex Challenges

ENTRADA has curated industry experts and refined our core competencies to create innovative solutions. We are a team of experienced researchers, strategists, creatives, technologists, and project leads — who’ve spent decades helping others understand what happens when you operate under an outdated belief system to inform your decisions.

We’re different, on purpose. As a strategic consultancy, we greet challenges with open minds as we immerse ourselves in finding solutions that bring insights and empathy to solve healthcare’s most complex challenges.

Today, ENTRADA is the healthcare innovation consultancy that companies turn to with their most complex business, marketing, and user experience challenges. With decades of experience, we go deeper to identify strategies for transformative growth and to create solutions that drive sustainable, measurable impact.

Transforming Lives

We reimagine healthcare from a human perspective with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of patients.

Our mission is to help create TRANSFORMATION…not only for our team, but for our clients, for patients and caregivers, for healthcare providers, and for health advocates.

We believe in diversity and inclusion. Our team is comprised of diverse perspectives that enrich our culture and capabilities. We strive to create a culture in which people from all backgrounds feel included. Inclusion drives empathy and connectedness — core values that we continuously reinforce and amplify.


We are always looking for great talent. If you don't see a specific role listed below but believe you'd be an excellent fit for our team, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us at, and let's start a conversation.

Director of Development, HXT
We are seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Director of Development in the Human Experience Technology (HXT) Group at ENTRADA. Reporting to the Executive Vice President of HXT, the successful candidate will collaborate with Client Experience, Strategy, Creative, and Project Management teams to devise and implement technological strategies and solutions for our clients. We seek an innovative and detail-oriented technologist capable of anticipating client needs and delivering inventive solutions efficiently and cost-effectively. This role is pivotal in ensuring the quality of the technologies offered by HXT by meticulously documenting requirements, actively participating in development, and overseeing quality assurance processes. See full descriptionTo Apply ➡ Email
Intern Developer, HXT
We are seeking a dynamic Intern Developer to contribute to the development and maintenance of our cloud-based human experience platform (HXP) within the HXT (Human Experience Technologies) department at ENTRADA. The platform integrates CRM and CMS functionalities, leveraging REST Web Services and open-source technologies. Operating predominantly in the healthcare sector with a focus on HIPAA compliance, we believe that robust engineering practices are the foundation of success in regulated technology environments. As an intern, you will join a talented software team dedicated to mission-critical applications, gaining hands-on experience with Java/J2EE, ASP.NET, RDBMS, NOSQL databases, crone jobs, ETL applications, and reporting dashboards using our analytics platform. This internship offers an invaluable opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and contribute to the growth of our innovative solutions. See full descriptionTo Apply ➡ Email
Senior Strategist, HXS
We are seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Senior Strategist in the Human Experience Strategy (HXS) Group at ENTRADA. Reporting to the Strategic Director of HXS, the successful candidate will be responsible for leading and supporting ENTRADA’s key strategy and market research projects. This highly strategic and detail-oriented individual will have a passion for patients, solving marketing challenges, and will thrive in a multi-project, high-paced, environment. This role is pivotal in ensuring the quality of our slide presentations, thoroughness of our research, and should have a high comfort level presenting to and liaising with Clients. See full descriptionTo Apply ➡ Email
Associate, HXS
We are seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Associate in the Human Experience Strategy (HXS) Group at ENTRADA. Reporting to the Strategic Director of HXS, the successful candidate will be responsible for supporting ENTRADA’s key strategy and market research projects. This highly organized and detail-oriented individual will have a passion for patients and thrive in a multi-project, high-paced environment. This role is pivotal in ensuring the quality of our slide presentations, thoroughness of our research, and should have a high comfort level presenting to and liaising with Clients. See full descriptionTo Apply ➡ Email
Healthcare Expert - Carlo Calcagni, RPh
Calcagni, RPh
Founder, CEO
"I’m passionate about building a team of like-minded problem solvers. Helping solve the challenges that lead to the improvement in the quality of patients’ lives. These challenges aren’t always easy, but we don’t do things because they’re easy; we do things because they’re difficult."
Healthcare Expert - Daniella Koren
Chairwoman, Co-Founder
"My passion for patient engagement, data-driven marketing and analytics has been the driving force in my career. I believe that if we can harness the power of education and positive relationships, we can help make the world a healthier place. I enjoy thinking outside the box, remaining agile, and focusing on the results."
Healthcare Expert - Kirsten York
EVP, Human Experience Strategy
"I have always been fascinated by solving complex problems. I never met a puzzle, riddle, or brain teaser I didn’t love! I apply that same ‘no stone left unturned’ philosophy and passion for strategic thinking to helping our clients tackle their most difficult brand and market challenges every day."
Healthcare Expert - Bethanne Toci
EVP, Human Experience Design
"I love co-creating with our clients. Rethinking impossible. Reimagining possible. We don’t simply repurpose old tactics, we create innovative solutions for today’s challenges by using the principles of design thinking to iterate and prototype new solutions."
Healthcare Expert - Alison Gonzoph
Sr. Group Account Director
"I chose healthcare advertising early in my career because I knew I wanted to make a difference. I am passionate about identifying patient challenges and translating them into opportunities to provide the best experience possible."
Healthcare Expert - Brittney Posey
Account Manager
"I love working with a team that rises to any challenge. My goal is to help provide the solutions that will make a difference in patients’ lives."
Healthcare Expert - Joshua Miner
Design Director
"Seeing projects that I have worked on being used by people I love inspires me to design innovative solutions."
Healthcare Expert - Yogesh Verma
EVP, Human Experience Technology
"The power of technology is infinite. You don’t need to be a physician or a degree in medicine to impact the lives of patients in a positive way. This is what keeps me going and love what I do as Head of Technology at ENTRADA."
Healthcare Expert - Tommy Zambelli
VP, Client Success
"Every challenge is an opportunity for a solution. What I face most often with our clients is this: Do they have the will to dig deep and partner with us to create user-centric solutions? When they do, we’re able to create solutions that drive change and increase value."
Healthcare Expert - Erika Kenney, MPH
Kenney, MPH
Strategic Analyst
"Public Health is my calling so I’m passionate about improving patients’ knowledge about and access to essential health services. I enjoy analyzing patients’ complex barriers to and determinants of health to help our team come up with smart solutions."
Healthcare Expert - Josh Bennett
Group Project Manager
"Project Management is a passion of mine because you get to experience and learn the entire process of every project you are involved with. You have the opportunity to collaborate and problem solve with each department to improve efficiencies in the process from start to finish."
Healthcare Expert - Taylor Porter
Account Director
"Real people are at the heart of what we do in healthcare marketing. I am motivated by the opportunity to introduce people to products or therapies that could improve their lives."
Healthcare Expert - Lucy Kim
Associate Analyst
"I love working in healthcare because of the emotional connection. In order to do the best work for our clients we need to connect to patients and truly empathize with them."
Healthcare Expert - Ben Wolf
Project Manager
"My goal as a Project Manager is to make the team’s lives easier. Assisting them based on their unique needs makes our process run smoothly and affords us the flexibility we need to be successful."
Healthcare Expert - Kathryn Barry
Junior Designer
"I’m passionate about creating design experiences that will have a positive impact on patients’ lives."
Healthcare Expert - Yuliya Gimadiev
Operations Manager
"Operations management is crucial to the sustainability of an organization. I believe the key is adaptability. Without it, you will not be able to pivot when new requirements or demands arise."
Healthcare Expert - Wendy Harrington
Senior Project Specialist
"What I enjoy best about my role as Senior Project Specialist is the variety in the work and the team I get to work with each day. I enjoy taking a project from conception through to completion. Additionally, it is rewarding knowing that I am part of a team that is focused directly on positively impacting the patient."
Healthcare Expert - Andrew Chung
"Finance is my expertise. Service is my passion. Marrying the two is the essence of my motivation. The beauty of making sound, financial decisions ensure that both our clients, and their patients, are the ultimate beneficiaries of my work. Understanding this correlation makes what I do that much more rewarding."
Healthcare Expert - Aaron Hurwitz
Project Manager
"Project management has always been a passion of mine and being able to meld one’s passion with purpose is powerful."
Healthcare Expert - Crystal Church
Project Manager
"ENTRADA’s commitment to a more empathetic patient-centric healthcare system assured me that this is where I needed to be: my goal is to help our clients be a part of that evolution."
Healthcare Expert - Angela Busa
SVP, Client Success
". . .     Angela's quote here     . . ."